Strategic Business Group’s Principals and Associates

Dennis D. Campbell

Mr. Campbell’s 35 years of business experience includes senior sales and technical management responsibilities in technology, software, distribution, and security and protection companies. His experience includes 23 years with a large multinational computer manufacturer, time as President and shareholder of a successful startup company, and as President and shareholder of a company where he played an integral role in drastically improving business. As an officer of a company he has raised equity by selling company stock to friends and family, and executing a successful private placement.

In June of 2000, Mr. Campbell co-founded The Strategic Business Group, Inc., a business consulting firm located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. His clients are often high growth companies seeking to utilize his knowledge in the development of business or strategic plans, sales and marketing strategies, and or debt and equity financing. He also works on M&A activities for his clients in both a buyer and seller capacity.

Patrick D. Grinde

Mr. Grinde’s 37-years of practical experience spans senior management positions in finance, building construction, manufacturing, and high technology companies.

His experience includes 20 years of commercial banking, bank management, and the turnaround of a near financially dead bank. Mr. Grinde was also a Managing Agent for the FDIC managing failed Thrifts. While pursuing his career in business Mr. Grinde was simultaneously involved in commercial real estate for 37-years that included building, developing, remodeling, and selling properties. During that period of time he managed through real estate declines in 1980, 1986, 1988, and 2008. He has had to develop solutions for virtually every situation a lender may be experiencing today.

Mr. Grinde has been chief financial officer of two public companies. He has sold and assisted others in selling stock and securities in emerging and high growth companies including a public company as an officer. His experience affords his clients a unique perspective and innovative cost efficient real time solution such as: developing successful business plans (strategic and financial), financing alternatives, design-to-build manufacturing, and marketing and sales consulting.

He has managed early stage technology and manufacturing companies. He regularly advises clients investigating a merger or acquisition on the business’ economic value, acquisition and financing strategies, integration problems, and avoidance issues.

Mr. Grinde is a co-founder of The Strategic Business Group, Inc. a business-consulting firm in Saint Paul, Minnesota.



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