Buy or Sell Businesses


Expanding Your Business: If you are a business owner that wants to grow your business through acquisition we can identify and discreetly investigate businesses that may be of interest to you.  We compile a written report on each business of interest including potential upside opportunity and downside issues.  With your permission we will approach selected businesses to gather additional information and determine if they are receptive to acquisition.  We can help you determine what a fair price might be for the business and we will facilitate negotiations with the business to be acquired.  If you decide to acquire the business we can help you obtain financing.

Buying Your First Business: After much soul searching and sleepless nights you’ve decided you want to own your own business and control your destiny.  You need to decide what type of business best capitalizes on your personality, skills, training, and knowledge.  There are many businesses but most have two major components:

  • Retail, sales and, service, or
  • Details, processes & procedures, and creating something new

Retail, sales, and or service require strong interpersonal skills where you genuinely enjoy interacting with a wide range of personality types to help them solve a problem by selling them a product or service.  You lean towards being an extrovert.

If you enjoy details, processes & procedures, and creating something new but interacting with prospects and customers is tolerable but not fun, you lean towards being an introvert. Business that requires technical knowledge such as; manufacturing, software, accounting, technical repairs, engineering, and scientific skills are more appropriate for introverts.  Helping your customers solve their problems is still key but most often you hire professional technical sales staff to make the initial and qualifying contacts for you.

A key element to your success will be to find a business that complements your personality and where you can profit from your skills, training and knowledge.


Selling Your Business: We use a different method to help our clients to sell their business.  We create a two page 4-color newsletter about your business without disclosing the name or location of your business.  After our client approves the newsletter we mail it to a proprietary list of professionals that regularly receive information from us.  Our method is a “referral sale” in that our cover letter states…we know this business may not be of interest to you but you may know of someone who would be interested, please share this with them.

Our referral approach has been very successful because our mailing list of professionals often knows of someone who’s looking to start or buy a business.

We are not brokers and thus your costs are significantly less than using business brokers or investment bankers.

We can help the buyer or seller obtain financing to complete the transaction.  Assisting the buyer or seller with financing facilitates a smooth transition.