Strategic Business Planning

SBG-Home-03-new We help emerging, high growth, and mature companies to step back and examine their business model with an eye towards growth and enhancing their business approach.  We work with the leadership team to understand their current Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT).

We first meet with the directors and conduct a SWOT analysis.  The purpose is to see where they believe the company is and where they would like it to go.  With most small companies the directors are often primarily the company founders with few if any outside directors who are not involved in the day-to-day operation of the business.  That might necessitate going directly to the next step.

Next we conduct a SWOT analysis with the company’s key management team excluding any owner/directors.  The purpose of this is to determine how effectively the owner/directors communicated and facilitated their plans to their key management team.  Often we discover inconsistencies.

Our goal is two-fold.  First we align the owner/directors strategies with their key management team members.  The second goal is to help the managers so they can communicate and lead their employees to implement the company’s strategies.

We facilitate the creation of GOALS, STRATEGIES, and TACTICAL ACTION PLANS that will be used as a roadmap to implement the company’s new strategies.  Most strategic company plans are not fully implemented, often because there is weak or nominal follow-up.  The result is a waste of time-assets and a demoralizing affect on the employees, owners, and directors.

We create a simple easy to use process that makes reporting progress-to-plan quick simple and effective.  Reporting takes minutes and management knows what was implemented, what is in the process, and if there is a problem why and when will it be corrected.