Trusted Associates

Strategic Business Group consists of senior credit analysts, design, and marketing associates who are experts in their fields. Others expertise includes creating unique cost effective brochures and mailings, eye catching signs, posters, and countertop displays. Our associates experience does not stop in the creative fields. We also utilize a group of associates who specialize in many disciplines such as commercial real estate, human resources, recruiting, and retention plans, design build construction, franchisee law, government contract law, franchisee sales, and much more. Check out our complete list of associates for more information.

Benson-Orth General Contractors

Nationwide design build general contractors continually building excellence for 44 years and counting. Mike Monson, President & CEO, is the contact.

Ryan Hoveland

Apex Commercial Properties providing commercial real estate services in Minnesota and nationwide. Location, Location, Location. Leases negotiated at the most competitive rates.

Jeff Redmon

Jeff Redmon is the founder of Redmon Law Chartered. He has been providing business and real estate legal counsel for over 30 years. His work includes helping franchisees understand Franchise Disclosure Documents, establishing legal entities, and negotiating lease agreements.

Tim Connelly, PLLC

Retired Lieutenant Colonel US Army JAG Lawyer specializing in government contract law and buyer/sellers contracts with an emphasis on government contracts.

Jeff Thames

Thames Holdings, LLC providing franchisors with success driven experience in franchisee sales, sales organization development, and franchise development.

Gust Law Firm, PLLC

Bob Gust has helped solve problems for businesses and business people for more than thirty years. He is an experienced litigator who has represented clients in many different states and forums regarding many different issues.